• What is ezitrade ?
    Ezitrade™ is a simple to use system for sending and receiving electronic business transactions with your trading partners. The ezitrade™ service is provided to you via the Internet. Your transactions are delivered to your trading partner using whatever network is prescribed by you and your trading partner. Some examples would be Value Added Networks, direct dial, or the Internet.

  • Where can I learn more about how ezitrade™ will work for me?
    Visit our ezitrade™ demo site.

  • How do I get started using ezitrade?
    Visit the ezitrade™ website and select the Account Setup button on the ezitrade™ home page (or click here). Once you’ve filled in the form and clicked on the "Submit" button, an e-mail message will be sent to the ezitrade™ Customer Satisfaction Team. They will then contact you to set up your account and issue your initial logon ID and password. That’s all there is to it. Once your account is established, you’ll be ready to begin using ezitrade™ as often as you like.

  • How does it work?
    After the ezitrade™ Customer Satisfaction Team has set up your ezitrade™ account, you go to the secure ezitrade™ website and enter your password to get into a secured server. Once you are connected to the secure server site you’ll be able to use simple forms to send and receive electronic transactions from your trading partners. There’s even a tracking page so you can check the status of transactions you’ve sent and received. The forms ezitrade™ provides are converted into standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats for delivery to your trading partners. Of course, if your trading partners are also ezitrade™ users, then they will also receive your transactions in the ezitrade™ electronic format.

  • When can I begin using ezitrade?
    Ezitrade™ is available now. How quickly you can start using ezitrade™ will depend upon whether or not your trading partners' transactions are already in the ezitrade™ forms library. Contact (888) 589-4889 for more details.

  • Why do businesses use EDI?
    When all purchase orders, invoices, and similar business transactions are handled with electronic data interchange (EDI), the result is enormous savings in time and money—as much as $175 per transaction over paper transactions in some companies. EDI also significantly reduces errors in documentation, since it allows for most information to be entered into a system once instead of multiple times.

    Recognizing these benefits, EDI has already replaced paper transactions at many large companies such as Walmart and General Motors, which require EDI compliance of their trading partners.

  • Why have smaller companies NOT made the commitment to use EDI?
    The major reason small companies have not entered the EDI arena in large numbers is that they do not gain all the benefits that EDI can offer unless their trading partners also conduct transactions with EDI. And because smaller companies don’t have the leverage to require EDI of their trading partners (unlike the Fortune 500), many simply choose not to conduct business electronically.

    In addition, until now, the technology has been expensive and sometimes difficult to initiate and maintain. Smaller companies don’t always have the technical staff to support EDI installations.

  • Why would the future of EDI in small businesses be any different?
    One major factor is the many Electronic Commerce initiatives launched in Washington, DC by the Clinton administration. For instance, beginning in 1993 Congress enacted legislation requiring the US Internal Revenue Service to implement an electronic funds transfer system to be used by businesses of all sizes and replace the paper-based coupon system for federal payroll tax payments. This was done in support of the Clinton administration's efforts to streamline Federal agency processes. This legislation had a direct impact on businesses of all sizes.

  • What makes ezitrade™ a better EDI option for small business?
    Ezitrade™ is a solution—not a software package. You enter the ezitrade™ website, conduct your transaction in a secure environment, and exit. There is no need to integrate new software with your existing systems. You are billed per transaction at an economical user rate.

    By eliminating the barriers of cost, integration with legacy systems, training and management time, ezitrade™ offers a way for companies who want to investigate EDI and Electronic Commerce technologies to try them out without the cost, complexity, and commitment of purchasing and installing an EDI system of their own.

    Because users can try it on a per-transaction basis, ezitrade™ makes it easier for a visionary firm to encourage their trading partners to try EDI, in the hope that all can enjoy the full benefits it brings.

  • How do I know my transactions have been received by my trading partners?
    Each time your transaction is submitted to ezitrade™ it is time and date stamped and assigned a unique identification number. Once your trading partner receives the EDI message developed from your ezitrade™ form, their EDI system will generate an acknowledgment, which we will receive and post to your ezitrade™ user log, matching it with your original identification number.

  • How do I know my transactions meet the needs of my trading partners?
    We work on your behalf with the trading partners you designate to make sure the forms we provide match their EDI specifications. Plus, as your trading partners migrate to newer versions of EDI standards we'll maintain compliance with them.

  • How does my trading partner communicate back to me?
    They will send EDI transactions back to you, which we will translate and provide to you in an electronic form, viewable with your web browser.

  • How does ezitrade™ decide what network to use to deliver my transactions to my trading partners?
    Ezitrade™ will support a variety of networks, including Value Added Networks, X.400, direct dial access, and the Internet. The network used by ezitrade™ will depend on the needs of the trading partners you are doing business with, but will always be transmitted via the most economical path for your message. Note: Any message specific charges incurred for these networks will be included in your monthly ezitrade™ bill.

  • What if I like the idea of using the Internet for my EDI transactions, but I need to integrate my transaction information with other business applications I am using?
    InterraTech also sells a full line of EDI software products, and has EDI implementation experts on staff to assist you with integrating a personalized EDI system into your existing business applications.

  • How will I be billed for using ezitrade?
    You will receive a monthly invoice from InterraTech.

  • What information is available to me from ezitrade?
    In addition to the ezitrade™ logs available online, we will also provide you a monthly report detailing your ezitrade™ usage from the prior month.

  • Does ezitrade™ provide other services besides EDI translation?
    Yes, ezitrade™ users will also be able to set-up Internet electronic mail accounts and receive return transactions via facsimile if they choose. Other services are planned for future releases of ezitrade.

  • I've heard a lot about security concerns on the Internet. How has security been addressed with ezitrade?
    Security has been addressed and designed from the beginning of our development of ezitrade.

    The first level of security comes in the form of the required logon ID and password to access the ezitrade™ private web site.

    The second level of security is established using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology between the user's browser software and the ezitrade™ server. By utilizing SSL, you are assured the information passing between your computer and the ezitrade™ server is encrypted, thereby protecting the integrity of the data being transmitted between the two computers.

    A third level of security is available to ezitrade™ users who wish to load a digital certificate from ezitrade™ onto the computer that they will be using to connect to ezitrade. By utilizing a digital certificate, you are assured the connection is not only encrypted using SSL, but that the ezitrade™ server verifies your computer is the one authorized to access your ezitrade™ account.

  • What enhancements are planned for ezitrade?
    The first enhancement planned for ezitrade™ is automatic compliance verification of data entered into the ezitrade™ forms. Not available in the initial release of ezitrade, this feature will help to reduce the possibility of transmitting data that is not consistent with the EDI transaction that corresponds to the form. Other enhancements will be added based upon customer feedback and input.

    For more info, contact us at:   1-888-589-4889.

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